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  • Live Map

    Currently, the live map is only available on the survival server.

    [Survival] Live Map

    The Eternal Realms Live Map, also referred to as Dynmap is a "Google Maps"-like map that can be viewed in your browser. It renders the world in 2D and 3D. Using the live map, you are able to see both Wilderness and Wastelands worlds for the Overworld and Nether. Live map is not supported for The End.

    Legend Guide

    There are many images and symbols in the map. Here is a quick list of what all the buttons do.

    • - Focuses the overworld flat map.
    • - Focuses the overworld surface map.
    • - Focuses the nether flat map.
    • - Focuses the overworld surface map.
    • - Zooms in on the map (Mouse wheel up)
    • - Zooms out on the map (Mouse wheel down)
    • - Player Icon, Location on map.
    • - Change what is viewed on the map.
    • - [Marker] World Spawn Location