Player Settings

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  • Player Settings

    Eternal Realms offers customizable settings and experiences for all of our servers. Since our beta launch, Player Settings has been built on with each release providing each player with a unique play style.

    You can use the /ps or /psettings command to open your Settings.

    Setting Menu


    • Action Bar Speed - Change the speed at which action bar messages are sent.
    • Chat Sound Alerts - Control whether a sound plays when you are alerted.
    • Chat Alert Sound - Change the sound effect when a chat aler is played.
    • Chat Alert Sound Pitch - Change the pitch of the sound effect when a chat alert is played.


    • There are currently no settings for notifications.


    • Easier Harvesting - Instead of breaking a crop, you can right click to harvest it.
    • Drop Head When Killed In PvP - Allow drops for your head when you are killed in PvP.
    • Player Vs Player (PvP) - Toggle your ability to engage in PvP activities with other players.
    • Drop Head On Death - Allows drops for your head when killed by anything.
    • Friends Have Perma-Vouch - Toggles the ability of your friends always being able to break your protected blocks.
    • Send Mail Read Receipts - Recieve a message when your package has been recieved.


    • There are currently no settings for cosmetics.


    • Livemap Visibility - Toggle your player visibility on the livemap.

    Changing Settings

    Each setting has the option to effect your current server or all servers.

    Settings can be changed by clicking on the server name or by clicing the [ALL] button.