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  • Stables

    This section describes stables, what mounts can be put into a stable, and how to access your mounts from your stable!

    Putting Mobs Into Stables

    When you are riding a mount, such as a horse, skeleton horse, pig, llama or strider—you can place them into a stable by using the command /stable while you are currently riding them. When the command is executed, you will drop to your feet and your mount will be placed into your stable.
    You cannot execute this command while you are riding a strider which is currently over lava!

    To view your stable(s) that you have, you can use /stable list, which will list all of your stables that you have, and which stables have which mounts stored in them.

    To retrieve a mount from a stable, use /stable summon [slot]. slot represents the stable slot that you want to access.


    You may use the stable commands within protected areas for free! however, if you use stable commands outside of protected areas, you will be charged 100.


    Your ridable creature is protected and can only be directly damaged by you, the owner. No other player has the ability to attack your creature.


    • /stable info, /stable list - View your stable slots
    • /stable store [slot] - Store your mount into the stable, optionally specify a slot
    • /stable summon [slot] - Retrieve your mount from the stable, optionally specify a slot