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  • Eternal Realms Rule Book

    The goal of the Eternal Realms Staff Team is to make playing on ER an enjoyable and fun experience for all players, with a family-friendly community where members of all ages can fit in.
    The Eternal Realms Rules apply to all areas and media used by ER. Please see the bottom of this page for additional sections.
    For those that wish to read the entire document which was used in the creation of this page, you can view it on this page

    1. Keep Eternal Realms Family Friendly

    • Mild Language, such as 'damn' or 'hell', is the most excessive language allowed on Eternal Realms. Every form of profanity has a tamer alternative, so please use those instead. A large majority of foul language is filtered, so don't try to bypass this.
    • Self-Censoring or using abbreviations is also not allowed. Acronyms are acceptable, as long as you don't spell out the full meaning with a word that is blocked by the filter.
    • Discussion about drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, etc. are not suitable for our server. They are not considered Family Friendly.
    • Inappropriate or offensive builds are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, racist builds or builds that would be considered adult subject matter.
    • Inappropriate or offensive skins and capes are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to nudity, racist, or sexist skins.

    2. Be Kind and Respectful Towards Others

    • Insults, name-calling, or other generally rude behavior against another player is not allowed. This behavior is not tolerated on Eternal Realms.
    • Do not make public accusations against, or slander (talk bad about), other players.
    • Keep in mind that the players of Eternal Realms are not the same. Please be mindful and considerate of players with other religions, ethnic backgrounds, political views, etc. than what you have. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which may not agree with yours.
    • Any questions regarding what is considered rude should be directed to a staff member.

    3. Don't Touch What Isn't Yours

    • Stealing items or breaking blocks that aren't yours, or placing blocks in a malicious manner is considered griefing on Eternal Realms. This is not allowed.
    • Eternal Realms has an Anti-Grief system as well as a way of tracking interaction with redstone, doors/fence gates, and chests. Even with these in place, no one should touch what is not theirs to do so.
    • Even though the frontier is a common world that everyone plays in, we ask that you do not mine in the frontier. Doing so destroys terrain that will never be reset! If you are asked to stop and continue to do so regardless, it will be treated as griefing the community.

    4. Do Not Hack, Cheat, or Exploit

    • Please read over the list of Approved Mods for any mods that you may wish to use on Eternal Realms. If a mod that you want to use is not on the list, please message CompaqDisc to have it reviewed. Until the mod is added to the list, you may not use it.
    • The use of mods, macros, or game bugs that give a significant advantage over other players is not allowed. This includes any aspect that allows x-ray vision, cave finder, radar, block glitches, rapid movement, etc. This also includes anything that may allow you to move, jump, or fly in a way that is not intended. Even if it is a server-side bug, you are not allowed to abuse it. Please report any such bugs to the staff team immediately.
    • Automating actions, including, but not limited to, using auto-clickers, is allowed as long as you are not AFK while doing and the ability does not allow you to exceed normal play ability. Kill auras, fast-clicking, etc. are NOT normal play ability. While performing an automated action, you must be aware and able to respond to staff and Minecraft at any and all times.

    5. Do Not Scam Other Players

    • The abuse of mistakes on shop signs, trying to cheat players out of their items, failing to deliver items that have been paid for, etc. is considered scamming.
    • Lotteries are not allowed on Eternal Realms.
    • Do not create games or events that are not possible to win.

    6. Do Not Harm Other Players

    • Indirect PvP is not allowed on Eternal Realms. An example of this would be dumping lava on an unsuspecting player, digging a deep hold into the ground which players can fall into and you collect their items, etc.
    • The only time that PvP is allowed is when all parties agree to Rules of Engagement. These need to be written in a book and signed by all participants in the event that staff need to get involved. Some rules that should be discussed:
      • What happens to the items of killed players
      • Whether there is a reward for winning a battle
      • Where the battle should take place and how big of an area is to be used
    • If all parties involved in a battle agree that items are to be returned to the player which had them before being killed and such a transaction does not take place, it will be treated and handled in accordance with Rule #3

    7. Follow the Chat Rules

    Do not Spam
    The repetitive use of punctuation, letters, messages, words, shop adverts, etc. in excess.
    • Using more than 10 of the same character in a row
    • Sending the same message more than 3 times in 10 minutes. This is a lenient limit, and is subject to the situation.
    • Sending a shop advert more than once within a span of 3 hours. This limit is per player, not per shop.
    Please speak English in Chat
    The majority of the Eternal Realms community speaks English as their primary language, and not everyone is multi-lingual. When in the public chat channels, you will need to speak English, but you can speak any other language in private messages.
    • In the event that you are caught using another language to make your messages unmoderatable, you will be punished accordingly.
    External Characters/Fonts are Not Allowed
    If the character that you want to use is not found on a Standard ANSI Keyboard then it is generally not allowed.
    • In the event that a special character is used, such as to make the infamous "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" or "(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻" emotes, it is allowed in moderation.
    8. Follow All Extra Rules
    These rules must also be followed, but don't fit into any other category.

    Do not cause public drama.
    • Intentionally doing anything that is likely to cause public upset, arguments, riots, or any other negative action, for any reason, is not allowed. If you participate in public drama via threads, pictures, videos, or any of ER's features, including, but not limited to, the forums, status message, and in-game chat, will face consequences, as determined by staff.
    • Stating that you are cheating or breaking any or all of the rules, even as a joke, is a form of causing drama. In the instance that you state that you are breaking any or all of the rules, you will be punished in accordance with the rule(s) that you are claiming to be breaking.
    Do not advertise or spread word about other servers.
    Do not talk about other servers via threads, pictures, videos, or any of ER's features, including, but not limited to, the forums, status messages, and in-game chat.

    You may not:
    • Post threads saying that others can message you privately for the IP to a private server
    • Publicly post any IP on the forums
    • Share IPs in-game in any public chat channel. Public chat channels are: Global, Local, and Supporter.
    • Talk about other servers on the ER forums, or in-game.
    • Ask others to play on another public server with you, even if you don't mention the IP.
    • Randomly send private messages to players with an IP for a server.
    • Send unsolicited messages of any form to players.
    • Have the address visible in a custom Discord status or About Me
    Do not use compromised/hacked accounts.
    • The use of compromised accounts is not allowed on Eternal Realms. Any IP associated with compromised accounts will be banned
    • In the event that your own account is compromised, report it to staff so they can temporarily ban it for your protection. This action will not count against your record.
    • Only accounts that you purchased directly from Mojang/Microsoft (on can be used to play on Eternal Realms. Sharing accounts is not allowed.
    Do not participate in Real-Money-Trading (RMT) transactions
    This includes any transactions that use any of Eternal Realms' services, such as Minecraft servers, Forums, or the Eternal Realms Discord Server, to solicit money from others that violate Mojang's EULA or force Eternal Realms into any unwanted responsibility over any financial or monetary gains of any kind. A few examples are:
    • Advertising coupons, promo codes, or anything of any off-site products.
    • Selling any status, items, or accounts relating to Eternal Realms.
    • Transacting any money for any kind of unrelated services and/or products to Minecraft or Eternal Realms.
    Do not reveal the location to something that you don't own.
    • Ask for and receive permission from the owner first.
    Do not ask for the personal (IRL) information of other players
    This includes the following:
    • Real Name
    • Age/Birthday
    • Geographical Location (City/Town, Address, etc.)
    • IP Address
    • Email Address
    • Government-Issued ID Number
    • Any other information that you would not be comfortable telling a stranger

    Reporting Players
    It is possible to report a player in-game. Your report is sent to the staff for review, allowing them to take action if needed. To report a player, use the command /report <name> <reason>. For example, /report willies952002 Fly Hacking. Abuse of the report system can and will result in you facing consequences.

    If your issue is too big to fit into the chat, or requires evidences such as a screenshot, or further explanation, then it's better if you contact a staff member via a private message on the forums.