Wilderness / Frontier

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  • With an update to 1.20.1 starting to show on the horizon, we will be resetting the Wastelands. Please be sure to recover/remove all items and blocks that you don't want to loose from the Wastelands, as anything left will be deleted upon reset. There is currently no timeframe as to when the update will be ready, but it could be within the next 1-2 months.
  • The Wilderness

    The wilderness, also known as the Frontier, is the world that exists forever. It is a safe place to build without having your stuff disappear during a reset. Like a normal singleplayer world, there is a Wilderness Overworld, Wilderness Nether, and a Wilderness End world. In these worlds you can start outposts and create your most wildest dreams.

    Since these worlds will exist forever, it is important to make the world last forever as resources taken from this world cannot be replaced. You, however, are allowed to use resources inside your outpost claim at your own discretion.

    Traveling To The Wilderness

    To travel to the wilderness, you must be at a world outpost or spawn. There is usually a protected structure that will allow you to teleport from to other world outposts. Check the /livemap for locations

    • /wild [n, e, s, w, c] - Teleports you to a Wilderness Outpost. Defaults to center.
      • /wilderness

    Wilderness Outposts

    When you first complete the tutorial or run the /wild command, you will be teleported to central spawn. Each outpost has small portals to take you different spawn locations.

    Viewed from the Live Map, the red boxes that outline the World Spawn lay a boundary as a "Protected Spawn". In this red box, you are allowed to use teleportation commands, and you are protected from taking damage. You will receive a message when you enter this area.

    Wilderness Nether

    The easiest way to get to the nether from spawn is to use /nether>. You may also use player nether portals to accomplish this.

    Wilderness End

    Currently, the wilderness end is closed. There is no current method to enter the end until the server release party which is to be determined. Check out our Event Calendar for updates on this.