Upcoming Features

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  • Upcoming Server Features

    This page has a list of server features that will potentially be added in the future! This list is dynamic and is subject to change without notice! If you have a feature that you would like to be implemented, please submit your suggestion to the suggestion box!!

    Alert Color Customizations

    This feature will allow the player to change the color of their in-game alerts. In chat, there are alerts whenever an action takes place, or someone mentions your nam. This feature will allow you to choose from 11 possible colors, with the default color being red. If you wish to change this feature, you can do so in the chat settings within your player settings. You can access your chat settings by typing /ps or /psettings in the text chat, while in-game.

    Lock Signs

    Lock signs are a feature that allow the player to protect any container (Barrel, Chest, Shulkerbox, etc...) by placing a sign on top of the container and playing the text [LOCKED] on the sign. This will protect the container the sign is on from being accessed by any other player. The player who placed the Lock Sign will be the only one to interact with the locked container. --- All Lock Signs and locked containers are immune to explosions and other forms of griefing.

    Parrot Control

    This feature will allow the player to control their parrot and how it interacts with them. More specifically, there will be a gameplay mechanic that will allow the player to get the parrot off of their shoulder via a command.

    Currently tracked as SRVL-10.