Changes from Vanilla Minecraft

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  • Eternal Realms vs. Vanilla Minecraft

    Below is a list of changes that makes Eternal Realms different from playing on a vanilla singleplayer world without any modifications to the gameplay experience. These changes can range from small quality of life features to the game or major mechanic overhauls that do not exist in vanilla Minecraft, in any shape or form.

    End Dimension

    As of April 16th, 2022, the End Dimension is closed and is currently unreachable by normal players. If a player finds an end portal and attempts to fill it with eyes of ender, you will simply get an error message, stating that you are not allowed to place eyes of ender inside of the portal frame.

    Fire-spread grief protection

    To protect player's builds from arsonists, fire will not spread to neighboring blocks on Eternal Realms. Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, you cannot start a forest fire by igniting a single block of tree leaves or wood.

    Mob Heads

    Every mob has the potential to drop its head when killed. This includes friendly and passive mobs, such as Villagers and Snow Golems.

    Player Heads

    Regardless of the death, players drop their heads on death. (This can be turned off in the player settings if you do not wish to lose your head when you die.)

    Bed + Anchor Respawns

    You may use the "/deletebed" command to clear your previous spawn point. This command will clear any previous bed or anchor spawn points that you have set.


    On Eternal Realms, fireworks are infinite, with the exception of using them while gliding with an elytra, or if they were shot out of a crossbow.

    Spawn Eggs and Spawners

    You cannot right click a mob spawner while holding an egg to assign a different type of mob to the mob spawner.

    "Anvil mechanics" (Willies will fill this in)

    Compass mechanics

    You have the ability to modify where the compass points to by using `/compass ui` command to bring up the compass UI. In addition, if you die, any compass that you hold will point to the exact location where you previously died.

    Item despawning --- (Too complex, will revist)

    Item frames

    Item frames, just like normal blocks, can be protected so other players cannot modify them.

    Piston Physics

    Pistons can move minecart rails.

    Dragon Eggs

    A dragon egg has a 0.5% chance of being mailed to the player who landed the final attack that defeats the Ender Dragon. Dragon Eggs are automatically protected by the player who places the dragon egg.

    Loot Chests

    Loot chests in the wastelands and the frontier (wilderness) will refill for new players after being looted by a different player. Loot chests in the frontier (wilderness) cannot be broken.


    All dimension wastelands have a size of 48,000 x 48,000 blocks. The nether wastelands is 1:1 to the overworld wastelands. You cannot use a nether portal to achieve faster transport in the wastelands.

    Written Books

    Copies of written books are identical to the original with no extra NBT tags or anything unique.