Staff Roles and Abilities

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  • Staff Roles

    Moderators, Sr. Mods, Developers, Admins, Managers, and Owner are the staff roles that exist on Eternal Realms. Each one holds it's own position and job responsibilities that dictates their primary focus on our network.

    Although a position may have it's roles and responsibilities outlined here, this is to show a general overview of what a staff member may be required to accomplish.


    Moderators are tasked with keeping our network safe, clean, and fun for all players. Moderators handle questions, comments, concerns that players may have as well as enforcing our rules. They may not be limited to just in-game chat, but also our forums and discord server.


    Developers are staff members that assist in the creation of our custom server features. From block protections to ensuring mail gets from player to player, these staff members have made it the way it is today. While they focus on more on the server itself, they possess the same roles and responsibilities as a moderator in addition to maintaining bug fixes as well as flows.

    Sr. Mods

    Sr. Mods are moderators that have been trusted with extra responsibilities, but function rather the same as a moderator. These members are able to preform some admin duties, but are not allowed creative or world-edit permissions.


    Admins are essentially moderators, but with creative mode and world-edit access. Their tasks may vary day to day as they preform staff services as well as maintaining internal services.


    There are three types of managers: Team, Project, and Event. Each is tasked with extra responsibilities, but not limited to the duties of an admin. All managers are assigned a role and responsibility to maintain our network.


    Founder of Eternal Realms, the owner oversees most operations of the server including but not limited to Moderation, Development and Server Administration.