Realm Navigator (Sandbox)

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  • Realm Navigator
    Realm Navigator Item
    Type: Misc
    Released: June 21, 2020
    Update: Tutorial Update Icon Tutorial Update
    Obtained by: Finishing the tutorial or typing /assist new
    Attributes: Soulbound, Final
    Enchantments: {{{enchantments}}}
    Lore: None
    The Realm Navigator is a tool aimed for new players; it helps with getting around and learning the various features of Eternal Realms. By right-clicking the item or using the Commands /assist or /navigator, it will bring up a handy menu of buttons that will use Commands for you. At the same time, each button is titled with a display of what command it will be using for you, so it also helps you learn over time.

    You can obtain a Realm Navigator by typing /nav new. You are limited to one navigator every 48 hours. The Realm Navigator is also a useful way to utilize the Compass system, as it is a soulbound compass.

    Here is a screenshot of what to expect when using this feature. Each item corresponds to a function, which is explained when you hover over it.