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  • Reporting Guide

    While reporting a player is as simple as using /report [player] [reason] - in order for it to be fully effective it must be used correctly.

    Not all reports are good reports, here are some quick tips to make sure your report is useful to the staff member reviewing it.

    • False reports or abuse of the reporting system is against the rules.
    • Be as detailed as possible within the report limits. If more information is needed, a staff member will contact you.
    • Not all reports constitute a punishment. "Proof Without A Doubt" needs to be achieved in order to issue a punishment.
    • If you fear retaliation for your report, you may contact any member Staff Member directly through the forums.


    Commonly Reported Offenses

    Spam / Caps: Spam and caps reports are some of the most common. Often, these infractions are simply accidents. It is important to know the difference. You should only report a player if they are clearly abusing the system. Check Eternal Realms Rules for more details.

    Foul / Inappropriate Language: Eternal Realms is a family friendly community and all chat should be kept as friendly as possible. Insulting other players or causing discomfort by having inappropriate conversations is not tolerated.

    Stealing: As mentioned above, be as detailed as possible. Reports with simply “stealing” as the reason are extremely difficult to investigate, and will likely not get resolved. Do not give a player a valuable item unless you are 100% sure they are trustworthy.

    Greifing: Almost always better to message an online staff member. If you do need to /report in-game, please add as much information as you can.

    Hacking: Do not attempt to engage the player. /report the player and do your best to avoid them.

    Examples of Good Reports

    Spamming - The following report tells staff exactly what and where it is happening.

    /report player Spammed 10 lines of i am from pmc make me staff

    Foul Language - The following report alerts staff to look for bad words.

    /report Player2 Player2 called Player1 a hanzo main.

    Stealing - Here, the reporting player clearly identifies items that the staff can look into.

    /report player Player stole my food out of my furnace.

    Scamming - The following report notifies us of the source of the trade and the item involved.

    /report player I gave player 15,000 Ether for a netherite hoe and never got it.

    Hacking - Providing a link to a video is very helpful for your case.

    /report player Player is walking on water and flying. I have video.

    Examples of Bad Reports

    /report player looking at me funny
    /report player took my stuff
    /report player hacking