Applying for a Team Position

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  • Applying for a Team Position

    The questions presented through this form are asked to evaluate your knowledge on different topics regarding Minecraft and our Community.

    Applying through this form is required to show you are willing to put forward the effort it requires. We will not ask players to join our team if they do not show interest and apply.

    Please do NOT post on the forums, message the team on the site, in-game, or any other location about your application. We will look at applications in the order they are recieved and will only message you if you are accepted via the forums.

    Staff Teams

    All members of the Eternal Realms Staff is tasked with keeping our Community a fun and friendly server for all players. These players are given special powers to ensure the safety of the Eternal Realms Community.

    Learn more about our Staff Teams.

    Available Positions

    Moderator - No positions currently available.

    Developer - No positions currently available.

    Community Teams

    Our community teams exist behind the scense to help contribute quality content. These players do not hold any moderation abilties.

    Learn more about our Community Teams.

    Available Positions

    Content Team - No positions currently available.

    Build Team - No positions currently available.