Using Mods on Eternal Realms

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  • Permitted mods

    Please click here for the Mod Approval List.

    Please, to avoid spam/viruses, only download mods from CurseForge or the original author's website. Stop Mod Reposts

    Working with mods

    For the best experience, I recommend using MultiMC as your launcher. It has many features, including auto-installing the Fabric mod loader.

    Downloading MultiMC

    Download Here for your system, then extract the archive to an empty directory.

    Setting up MultiMC for the first time

    Go ahead and run the executable inside the folder you extracted to. For Linux users there is a pre-baked package for Ubuntu, as well as an AUR entry for Arch users. Generic archives are provided for other distros. Not sure how this works on MacOS, looks like you just extract the archive to either /Applications/ or ~/Applications/.

    I have a short image guide for setting up your account and first profile on this Imgur album.

    Eternal Realms Official Modpack

    1. Click 'Add Instance'
    2. Click 'Import from zip' on the left ribbon
    3. Name the instance then [Drag Me] into the text box next to the browse button