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    Kashall Skin
    Joined: February 6th, 2020
    Rank: Content Team Member

    Kashall is apart of our Contribution Team. While he spends most of his time writing code, he finds writing documentation the worst part of it all.

    What brought you to Eternal Realms?
    I started out in CROR. Imagine getting dragged through the forest to end up here.
    What do you like to do IRL?
    Most of the time, I end up spending time sleeping or coding. Special occasions involve food.
    Favorite Animal and Why?
    Dolphins, in-game water speed boost, irl cool noises.
    Favorite Website?
    This One
    Favorite Things About Eternal Realms?
    Players are just the most social and friendliest bunch out there, it's hard to get into a argument that didn't end up with a resolution.
    Favorite Color and Why?
    My favorite color has to be red, even with deuteranopia, it still manages to capture my eye.
    Favorite Minecraft Feature?
    Slime Blocks, they're sticky, gooey and fun to play with.
    Favorite Minecraft Block?
    Sticky Pistons
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be/what would you do?
    Probably a bee.
    Favorite Music?
    Anything but Country.
    Cats and Dogs
    If you could loose one sense, what would it be?
    I could not stand to lose my sight or feeling of touch. Definitely would go with the smelling.
    Favorite Cookie?
    Soft Cookies w/ Milk
    Favorite Quotes?
    418 I'm A Teapot
    If you could meet one person, who would it be?
    Well, this is a little too late for me, but I've always wanted to meet Robin Williams.
    Anything else you want to say?
    melted cheese