Commands: Groups

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  • Group Commands

    Exploring together should be fun! To work together and get rewarded, invite some friends into a group.


    • /group, /gr - The root command
    • /gr block - Prevent people from inviting you to groups
    • /gr chat - Change your active chat channel to the group channel
    • /gr info - Display information about your current group
    • /gr invite, /invite [player] ... - Invite player(s) to the group
    • /gr invitenear [range] - Invite all players in a radius, 32m by default, up to 64 when range is specified
    • /gr invites - (Leader only) Toggle whether anyone in the group can invite players
    • /gr join, /join - Join the group you were most recently invited to
    • /gr kick - (Leader only) Kick a person from the group
    • /gr leader - (Leader only) Designate a new leader of the group
    • /gr leave - Leave your current group
    • /gr list - List the members of the group
    • /gr public - (Leader only) Toggle whether your group is joinable without invite
    • /gr xpshare - (Leader only) Toggle whether xp sharing is enabled
    • /gr purpose - (Leader only) Set your group's purpose/description
    • /gr pvp - (Leader only) Toggle PvP for your group
    • /gr score - Show your group's activity scores, increasing scores can give your group status effects
    • /gr unblock - Allow people to invite you to groups