Established Joy's place

  • With an update to 1.20.1 starting to show on the horizon, we will be resetting the Wastelands. Please be sure to recover/remove all items and blocks that you don't want to loose from the Wastelands, as anything left will be deleted upon reset. There is currently no timeframe as to when the update will be ready, but it could be within the next 1-2 months.


Jan 16, 2020
Sacramento, California
Hi all, I finally found a spot in the wilderness that I'd like to claim for myself!

I plan to live there, store my stuff, but... I also plan on making some future-planned things publicly available!

Currently, the place is under-construction, mainly due to lack of free time in my personal life, plus I'm waiting until 1.16 before I make a very convenient pathway through the nether to my place.

If you happen to see me at my place out in the wilderness, feel free to say hi! ^^