Update Eternal Realms updated to Minecraft 1.20.1 - The Trails & Tails Update!

We're glad to announce that Eternal Realms has been updated to Minecraft 1.20.1!

Along with the update to Minecraft 1.20.1, there have been a handful of bug fixes as well as some new features added:
  • Updated Vex and Piglin heads
    • The Vex head was updated to match the new texture
    • A Piglin head was added to vanilla, meaning we no longer need a custom one
  • Added Camel and Sniffer heads
  • Added Camel and Sniffer eggification
  • Added support for replacements on both sides of a sign
  • Sign editing is currently limited
    • This limitation will be lifted once a proper protection system is created
  • Potion effects added by commands have been improved (e.g. /aura)
    • The duration is now infinite, and will display as such
    • Dying will no longer cause you to lose the effect
  • (Hopefully) Fixed death message when blown up by fireworks shot from a crossbow
  • Raiders will now be removed when a raid is cancelled
  • Added the 'Blossom' trail particle
  • Added new auto-protected blocks
    • Bamboo blocks and planks
    • Cherry planks
    • Crafted Mud blocks (Packed & Bricks)
  • Riding a Camel will auto-claim it
    • This functionality is similar to that of Skeleton Horses
  • Added support for Camels in stables
  • Lost of internal fixes and non-public-facing changes
For those that like numbers, here's the Update Statistics:
  • 61 commits
  • 129 files changed
  • 1160 insertions
  • 675 deletions

The Wastelands are not going to be immediately reset! We are scheduling a reset for May 4th, 2024.
A backup date of
May 11th, 2024 has been chosen if players need more time to evacuate the Wastelands.

As a fun little way to celebrate the 1.20.1 update finally being released, spawn now looks a bit different!

As always: if you discover a bug, please report it to the dev team using the /bugreport command or sending them a message at pmdev.eternal.gs.
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