The Northern Market


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Nov 22, 2019
Denver, Colorado

Introducing the Northern Market

Conveniently off of Dento's Nether Highway system is the Northern Market, a collection of plots well-suited for plonking down your shop.
We intend to make a piston bolt available directly from our Nether Hub to the Northern Market in the future.

Why does this exist?

I believe that if there is a large grouping of shops in one place, there is greater incentive to visit, as opposed to trekking thousands of blocks in every direction to visit scattered shops.

Market Rules:
  • Plots are free. You may design your own stall, or commission one from a player (potentially at a fee).
  • Adjacent plots can be combined, up to 2×3 plots.
  • You may claim multiple plots, within reason. If things get out of hand fees may be imposed for subsequent plots.
    • Please only claim what you intend to use.
    • If you have claimed a plot, but have not built on it, it may be placed back into pool of available plots after some time.
    • Plot limits per-nation and per-player will be decided if necessary.
Claimed. Open for business.
Claimed. Pending construction.
Light Green:
Unclaimed. Message me, or reply to this thread for details.
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