Notice Please read before posting your request

  • With an update to 1.20.1 starting to show on the horizon, we will be resetting the Wastelands. Please be sure to recover/remove all items and blocks that you don't want to loose from the Wastelands, as anything left will be deleted upon reset. There is currently no timeframe as to when the update will be ready, but it could be within the next 1-2 months.
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Content Team
Nov 22, 2019
Denver, Colorado
First, please review the requirements for establishing your outpost.

Once you have confirmed that your new claim meets the requirements, please make a thread here.

In your thread title or body (preferably title), please include the name of your outpost. Optionally, you may include names of members and proposed coordinates, although these are not required. If you did not provide coordinates in your thread, staff may reach out and request them via a forum DM.

Provided that all requirements have been fulfilled, and there is no conflict with another outpost, staff will mark your forum thread as "Established". If there was an issue staff will reach out and try to remedy the situation. If no solution can be found, or the poster does not respond within 1 week, the thread will be marked as "Declined".

As the final step of establishment, staff will go to the specified coordinates of your claim and place an establishment marker, and register the location on the online map.

If staff have not addressed your request within 1 week of posting, please report the thread to bring it to our attention!
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