Jinsue New Year 2022


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Feb 10, 2020
Ontario, Canada
Date and time: Sunday, January 9th, 2022 at 6;30pm EST.
Eternal Realms Meeting Location: Eastern Spawn Outpost on Eternal Realms (Minecraft Server Address: play.eternal.gs).
Discord Meeting Location: Jinsue Empire Discord Server's "Imperial Stadium" Voice Channel.

Jinsue New Year 2022 marks 9 years of the Jinsue Empire, as we celebrate the New Year with all our members & friends.

This year we will be having our annual scavenger hunt race that runs from the Eastern Spawn Outpost to Jinsue City. Just like last year, each player will have to ride by boat to each scavenger hunt location, where they need to find a chest that contains a piece of leather armour matching the colour of the wool block given to them before the start of the race. Each player must obtain a full set of armour of their colour before proceeding to Jinsue City, where they must place their wool block in a final chest. Keep your wits about you though, because this years race will be more difficult than the last one. Along with more familiar places [such as Traveler's Bay and Jinsue City], new challenging locations for the scavenger hunts will be included [such as the depths of the Jinsue Empire's Guardian Farm, and the maze-like streets of the city of Murabito]. Other players may also try to slow you down at sea. You must choose between defense on land or slowing your opponents' boats. You must reach the docks south of the Central Imperial Warehouse, and get to the final chest before your opponents.

Prizes for this year's Jinsue New Year event include Ether (Eternal Realms' in-game currency), Netherite, Diamonds, Emeralds, and Gold, along with crowns (helmets) for first, second, and third place. Awards will be given out after the race.

After the awards ceremony, there will be a tour of the Jinsue Empire, followed by our traditional fireworks show at the Jinsue City Central Imperial Library. Stay after the fireworks show for an announcement about Jinsue New Year 2023 and the 10th Anniversary of the Jinsue Empire!

We will be gathering at the Eastern Spawn Outpost on Eternal Realms (play.eternal.gs) for Jinsue New Year 2022 from 6:15pm to 6:40pm EST on Sunday, January 9th, 2022. The rules and explanation for the scavenger hunt race will start at 6:45pm EST. We will also gather on the Jinsue Empire's Discord Server in the "Imperial Stadium" voice channel. An invitation to the Jinsue Empire's Discord Server will be posted here on this forum thread at roughly 6:15pm EST on Sunday, January 9th, 2022.

If you do plan on attending, simply leave a reply in this forum post.

Join us!