[Future Addition] A few suggestions


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Feb 12, 2020
#1. Mob Heads

Would love to see this. The chance for both hostile & passive mobs heads to be available to drop when killed by the player. Player heads as well would be great. I know some people like to trade/collect. Having them stack together would also be important.

#2. Voter's Items/Rewards

We've seen these before and it's a great incentive to vote every day. Different items for reaching certain vote streaks. Such items like leather armour with some lower-mid enchantments, maybe some soulbound items like echest, an arrow (for infinity users), etc. Stuff that won't break the normal game play but adds a little protection to some useful items.

#3. Vote Leaderboard on Forums

Would be cool to see who has the most votes per month and all time. Maybe each month the top 5 or 10 voters get placed in a raffle to win a renamed items signifying that month they won.

#4. Add a Difficulty Setting for In game

Maybe have a scale of 1 to 10 of varying difficulty. Give people an option to play a little more challenging. Maybe make the default 1 or something so new people are not scared off because it's too hard.

Just a few ideas I thought I would share for future considerations. Any feedback or suggested changes always welcome.

Thanks :)
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