Update Eternal Realms updated to Minecraft 1.19.2 - The Wild Update!

  • With an update to 1.20.1 starting to show on the horizon, we will be resetting the Wastelands. Please be sure to recover/remove all items and blocks that you don't want to loose from the Wastelands, as anything left will be deleted upon reset. There is currently no timeframe as to when the update will be ready, but it could be within the next 1-2 months.

We're glad to announce that Eternal Realms has been updated to Minecraft 1.19.2!

Along with the update to Minecraft 1.19.2, there have been a handful of bug fixes as well as some new features added:
  • Added MinecraftServers.Org as a Vote Site - Vote Now!
  • Added hover messages to Last Seen and First Sign-In in /pinfo
  • Fixed claimed Striders being able to be eggified by anyone
  • Added Allay, Frog, and Warden Mob Heads
  • Added Allay and Frog Eggification
  • Added Allay Protections
    • Allays that are holding an item can only have it taken away by the player that gave it
    • Allays that are holding an item cannot be attacked by other players
  • Added a Player Setting to toggle Mob Head drops
  • Fixed ban and mute information not refreshing properly
  • Fixed mutes not expiring until a player reconnects
  • Added missing death messages from 1.17+
  • Added a command to get an API key: /apikey
    • The received key is used to generate a token for authenticating with certain API endpoints
    • These keys will primarily be used for the Economy API. Documentation can be found on the wiki
For those that like numbers, here's the Update Statistics:
  • 51 commits
  • 53 files changed
  • 692 insertions
  • 183 deletions
As always: if you discover a bug, please report it to the dev team using the /bugreport command or sending them a message at pmdev.eternal.gs.
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