Update Eternal Realms updated to Minecraft 1.19.2 - The Wild Update!

We're glad to announce that Eternal Realms has been updated to Minecraft 1.19.2!

Along with the update to Minecraft 1.19.2, there have been a handful of bug fixes as well as some new features added:
  • Added MinecraftServers.Org as a Vote Site - Vote Now!
  • Added hover messages to Last Seen and First Sign-In in /pinfo
  • Fixed claimed Striders being able to be eggified by anyone
  • Added Allay, Frog, and Warden Mob Heads
  • Added Allay and Frog Eggification
  • Added Allay Protections
    • Allays that are holding an item can only have it taken away by the player that gave it
    • Allays that are holding an item cannot be attacked by other players
  • Added a Player Setting to toggle Mob Head drops
  • Fixed ban and mute information not refreshing properly
  • Fixed mutes not expiring until a player reconnects
  • Added missing death messages from 1.17+
  • Added a command to get an API key: /apikey
    • The received key is used to generate a token for authenticating with certain API endpoints
    • These keys will primarily be used for the Economy API. Documentation can be found on the wiki
For those that like numbers, here's the Update Statistics:
  • 51 commits
  • 53 files changed
  • 692 insertions
  • 183 deletions
As always: if you discover a bug, please report it to the dev team using the /bugreport command or sending them a message at pmdev.eternal.gs.
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