Eternal Realms has exited beta!


Senior Moderator
Feb 9, 2020
Null Island

We're glad to announce the Eternal Realms has exited beta!

The staff team worked really hard to bring this update and knocked our projected time out of the ballpark!
Many features have been updated and added to bring the best experience to you!

Survival's End Dimension is now available! Elytra and Shulkers are now available to the public!

Along with this release, there have been a handful of bug fixes as well as some new features added:
  • Full release of Eternal Realms!
  • Enable purchasing recurring subscriptions.
  • Forum registration is now required to upgrade.
  • Soulbound items will be returned via mail if you have a full inventory.
  • The boss bar at the top of the screen can now be toggled using player settings (under Misc).
  • Added Supporter Vouchers.
    • Purchasable via the upgrade store
    • Grants 1 month of supportership upon use
    • Easy way to gift someone supportership
  • Stables now show if a Llama, Donkey, or Mule has a chest equipped.
  • A chest is now returned when you eggify a Llama, Donkey, or Mule that has one equipped.
  • Fireball explosions no longer break protected blocks.
  • The Item History feature has been reworked.
    • We can now track repairing, renaming, enchanting, and grinding.
  • Add support for animated tags.
  • Added lots of new tags.
    • Fire, Hokage, Rainbow, Searching (LAN game), Eggshell, lots of "... It's", and #ReleaseCrew
  • Fixed protections handling for moss spread.
  • Improved performance of animated tags.
As always: if you discover a bug, please report it to the dev team using the /bugreport command or sending them a message at

The end party was announced to be on 05/15/2022 at 12 pm. We had a huge turn out and many players showed up for their chance for the dragon egg. At 12:30 pm, the wilderness end portal was opened and players flooded the end. Not even 2 minutes later, the first dragon was downed. The group moved forward to take their chance at the wastelands end, where once again, the dragon was downed in 2 minutes.

As of this event, players are freely allowed to travel to and from the end. We ask that you refrain from collecting items from the wilderness end as it is permanent and may only be used for land claim purposes. If you need any end blocks. please head to
/waste center and head to X: -1143, Z: -943. You may collect blocks and pretty much do as you please within our rules.

Limited Time Only!

Get the limited time only animated tag, #ReleaseCrew! Available until 05/22/2022.

Use /redeem release