Dento Grand Prix Test Run


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Dec 28, 2020
The Dento Grand Prix is a river race that will take place at Dento obviously. The event will be hosted sometime in the future, but to make sure things go smoothly for the real thing, I (bynsy) will host some test runs. The first test will be hosted this Thursday at exactly 8:00 pm, est. The race takes about 40 minutes to complete entirely, so make sure you have enough time to participate in it. Location will be announced by me when the day comes, but I'll post the rules here.

Basic rules:
1: You are allowed to knock each others boats off with whatever you want. Swords, bows, tridents, etc. (will be subject to change)
2: Stay within the boundaries of the race. On open water, boundaries will be marked with fences.
3: Make sure you do the race on a boat entirely, swimming the race won't be allowed.

That's basically it, I hope to see you there!
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