Dento Bulk Exports


Nov 22, 2019
Denver, Colorado
Looking to purchase bulk goods? Look no further, we've got you covered!
Denton storage is filled to the brim with great wholesale deals you don't want to miss!

It's simple... Just pick out how many SCs (Single Chests) worth of each item you want, and either PM me here on the forums, or leave a reply to this thread.

Free delivery for orders over ᛃ125,000!

All prices are per SC!

Iron Blocks - ᛃ35,000
Terracotta (Plain) - ᛃ14,000
Paper - ᛃ7,250
Cod (Cooked) - ᛃ4,600
Blaze Rods - ᛃ3,500
Prismarine Crystals - ᛃ3,500
Prismarine Shards - ᛃ3,500
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