Notice Updates to the Community Bedrock Geyser Instance


Senior Moderator
Feb 9, 2020
Null Island
Hey all!

If you haven't before there has been some changes that caused the original community geyser instance to stop working and I have since taken over the project.
The original instance was started by @CompaqDisc [here].

My instance located at will be discontinued on Oct 20th, 2022. Change the IP to to avoid downtime.

The process remains the same. However, the IP of the instance has changed.

If you are unable to add custom servers, you must change your DNS in Internet Settings on your console to the following:
  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:
This will allow you to use a custom server list functionality provided by the project, Bedrock Connect. You can also add and remove other bedrock servers per player if you desire.

If you can create a server, you can use the following details to connect to the Eternal Realms Geyser Instance.
  • Server Address:
  • Server Port: 4142
  • Display Name: Eternal Realms
Feel free to contact me about issues regarding this instance on Eternal Realms' Discord or Start A Conversation With Me.