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    Wilderness Enderman Farm

    Yes! Of course! I want everyone to benefit from access to pearls and XP. It would be appreciated. I think we could work faster together if we all have a schematic to work from. As far as how fancy... Should we just do the functional part for now, and worry about beauty later?
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    Wilderness Enderman Farm

    Hello! I've seen some discussion recently about building an Enderman farm in the Wilderness End. I wanted to get some feedback about what design we were all thinking of. It would be good to pick something and then decorate the exterior to look really nice. Personally, I think iJevin's design...
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    Dento Bulk Exports

    Looking to purchase bulk goods? Look no further, we've got you covered! Denton storage is filled to the brim with great wholesale deals you don't want to miss! It's simple... Just pick out how many SCs (Single Chests) worth of each item you want, and either PM me here on the forums, or leave a...
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    Notice Please read before posting your request

    First, please review the requirements for establishing your outpost. Once you have confirmed that your new claim meets the requirements, please make a thread here. In your thread title or body (preferably title), please include the name of your outpost. Optionally, you may include names of...
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    Shiny Treasures

    I have placed 5 reward chests in the Wastelands, each within 500 blocks of the spawns. Anyone may claim one, if they can find it... If this is successful, I may place more on a larger scale. Happy Hunting! Edit: 2 Treasures Remain
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    Playing Eternal Realms from a Nintendo Switch (or other Bedrock platforms)

    Foreword This guide is specifically written with the Nintendo Switch version of Bedrock in mind. However, similar concepts may translate just fine to other versions. This is madness, madness I say! Now, after reading the title of this thread you may be thinking: Well I'm here to tell you that...
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    Working Iron Farm

    Nice. C. For Compaq Computer Corporation.
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    Dento Grand Prix Test Run

    Hype! Hype! Hype! I hope to see some people out there with us, because I bet it will be pretty fun!
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    Friday Night Miners

    The Dento Miners' Guild is proud to host Friday Night Miners! Please join us as we pillage the wastes for shiny treasures. Hosted most Fridays at 10PM ERT/EDT The first Friday of the month is Nether Night, where we hunt for quartz, gold, and other useful items Updates will be reflected on...
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    Working on revitalizing Dento. To keep up with our projects, please see our wiki...

    Working on revitalizing Dento. To keep up with our projects, please see our wiki:
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    Three-Word Story, Let's See Where This Goes!

    quite amiss, therefore
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    Established Dento

    Welcome to Dento! We are a large nation comprised of smaller regions throughout our claim. Visitors are always welcome, and we are currently accepting new members to settle within our claim. Our Claim Heading north from the northern spawn you will no doubt come across "The Island", our trading...